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Vlady Stévanovitch

Short biography

Vlady Stévanovitch was born in 1925 in Belgrade, in present-day Serbia, from a Serbian father and a Belgian mother. By the age of 14, he has a passion for music but is confronted with respiratory disorders ; he then finds a yoga teacher – or so he thinks – and begs for his help. The man who is to become his first Master agrees, and within a few crucial years, he will transmit the young teenager some foundations that go way beyond his awareness at the time. For the rest of his life, Vlady will cultivate and draw from the experience of this initiatory period.

During the Second World War, he enters the Resistance as a communist Partisan, then opposes Tito’s regime after the war. Forced to flee from Yugoslavia, he settles in France and gets back to his vocation as a musician, mainly as a professional oboe player. In Paris, Vlady meets his second Master, who will help him mature his energy practice through vocal, postural and meditation techniques. He also discovers he has a gift for health treatment. Established in Belgium at the beginning of the 1970s, he puts into practice his knowledge of energy in his treatments, and takes up Tai Ji Quan with Master Kuo Chi. Until the mid-1980s, Vlady devotes himself to healthcare while deepening his practice of Tai Ji Quan. This discipline will provide him with an ideal medium to start transmitting his knowledge, which he eventually summed up into « Art du Chi ».

« For me, Tai Ji Quan became an extraordinary means of transmitting the teachings I had received from my former two Masters. (...) I found both their ways reunited in the teaching I received from the Chinese Master. Both ways, tackled in an extraordinary rich physical practice. »
Vlady Stévanovitch, L’Essentiel, Janvier 1999, p. 33