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Michèle Stévanovitch

Michèle Stévanovitch has been practicing and teaching for over 40 years. She runs the school and teacher training.

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In March 2000, Vlady passed on to Michèle the general direction of the School and made her the principal guarantor of the authenticity of her teaching.
Michèle teaches at the International Centre of the School (directorate of the school) and is entirely dedicated to the practice, dissemination and transmission of this teaching. It trains the teachers of the school.
In 2012, Michèle moves the International Centre to the Jabron valley in Haute Provence.

"I want to pass on to today’s students the ability to connect with the infinite world of Chi and the joy of inner presence in a simple and accessible way. There is no magic, I teach techniques but there is always wonder.
By moving our center from head to stomach (Tantian), everyone can regain the true nature of the “I”. Open, happy, happy, in love with life. The techniques I have received and the spirit in which they have been transmitted to me guide us towards this openness.
Michèle Stévanovitch